Qlik Alerting™

Qlik Alerting™ is an intelligent alerting Value Added Product for Qlik Sense™, providing sophisticated, data-driven alerts that help users proactively monitor and manage their business. 

With Qlik Alerting™, organizations can manage by exception, increasing the value of analytics by notifying users of potential issues, helping them immediately analyze further, and prompting action based on insight. 

  • Create sophisticated, intelligent alerts
    Experience advanced statistical calculation and trending that easily spots outliers and anomalies, comparisons and complex nested alert logic, and more.
  • Self-service and centralized alerting
    Supports both pull and push alerting, allowing users to self-serve and organizations to broadcast insights to large groups of users.
  • Drive analytics adoption and action
    Increase the value of your analytics investments by notifying users and managers when potential issues arise, allowing them to manage by exception.

This new value added product for Qlik Sense™ is licensed on a per site subscription basis for deployments on Windows Server.

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