Getting Started with Qlik™ Cloud Analytics (Qlik™ Sense SaaS)

On this page, will present a series of videos to help you to get started with Qlik™ Cloud Analytics (Qlik Sense™ SaaS).

Video 1

New and Trial Qlik™ Cloud Analytics (Qlik Sense™ SaaS)

Below is the first video in Qlik™ Cloud Analytics Basic series to help you to get stated with  Qlik™ Cloud Analytics (Qlik Sense™ SaaS) from the scratch. Here you will learn how to:

  • activate your trial tenant;
  • explore the hub;
  • upload data to the catalog;
  • create your first simple app and dashboard.
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Video 2

I forgot my Qlik™ Cloud Tenant URL - The MyQlik Console

In this video we will walk you through getting started with Qlik™ Cloud Analytics (Qlik Sense™ SaaS), namely how to access the MyQlik Console to manage your subscriptions and access your tenants. Also we provide a brief tip on the Connect and Learn self-help resources.

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Video 3

Inviting members to Qlik™ Cloud and Shared Spaces

The third video, shows you how to invite members to Qlik™ Cloud Tenant and assign them a shared space to co-develop and secure and organize your content.

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Video 4

Adding a Profile Pic to your Qlik™/ Qlik™ Cloud Tenant

Some people don’t know that you can easily setup a profile pic in your Qlik™ Account/ tenant by using Gravatar.

Video 4 shows you how to add a profile pic to your Qlik™ Account, making it easier to visually identify the member logged into Qlik™ Cloud.

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Video 5

Qlik™Cloud Managed Spaces & MORE!

In this video we show you everything you need to know about Qlik™ Cloud Analytics Managed Spaces and more.

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          00:00 – Intro
          00:16 – Video 4 “Profile Pic and IDP Clarification”
          00:51 – What are Managed Spaces?
          01:14 – License Entitlements
          01:51 – Assigning “Analyzer” Entitlement
          03:05 – Create Managed Space
          03:26 – Make Sheet Public from Shared Space
          04:17 – Publish App from Shared Space to Managed Space
          05:36 – Add Members to Managed Space
          06:26 – Login as “Analyzer” User and test space and permissions
          07:41 – Update permissions – “Can View” (more permissions)
          09:05 – Assign “Professional” Entitlement
          10:12 – Assign “Can contribute” role to user in managed space
          10:41 – Sheet Editing Behavior with Public / Private Sheets
          11:30 – Master Items explained for published apps
          12:22 – Publish Another App from Shared Space to Managed Space
          12:50 – My Sheets (Create a new sheet)
          14:07 – Publish a Community Sheet
          14:50 – How other users view Community Sheets
          15:20 – Promote a Community Sheet to a approved Base Sheet
          16:10 – Re-Publish app to Managed Space
          16:45 – Conclusion and Next Topic

Video 6

Creating and Adding an App Thumbnail

This video shows you how to create a Qlik Sense™ App thumbnail with Adobe Express Web and assign it to your Qlik Sense™ app.

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Video 7

Styling your Qlik Sense™ Sheets

This video shows you the various settings available to style your Qlik Sense™ App sheets.

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          00:00 – Intro
          00:38 – Open existing app – create new sheet
          01:20 – Switch from “simplified” authoring mode to “advance options”
          01:35 – Remove default chart place holder if applicable – optional
          02:14 – Main sheet properties explained
          02:30 – Sheet styling properties/ settings
          03:20 – Grid spacing
          04:00 – Sheet size – Responsive/ Custom
          05:02 – Small screen layout – List view/ Gird view
          05:19 – Extend sheet
          05:44 – Other App/ Sheet style properties
          06:05 – Theme selector
          06:50 – Sheet title styling
          07:47 – Conclusion

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