Data Validation Using Qlik™

Anyone interested in Continuous Data Validation using Qlik™ !?

Check our QQvalidator™ capabilities !

We took the concept of continuous testing from DevOps and applied it in Data Handling & ELT/ ETL.

QQvalidator™ can either test historical data reprocessed versus a fixed reference or make dynamic cross-checks against 2 sets of current data.

QQvalidator™ is running on QlikView™ or Qlik Sense™.

It is mix of Qlik™ script subroutine, Qlik™ Interface plus easy to reconfigure Table (deployable anywhere) that can contain any number of validation rules on any number of filtered data sets on any number of key fields and measures.

QQvalidator™ Simple Diagram

QQvalidator™ Structure

QQvalidator™ is Easy to Deploy

More details here: QQvalidator.

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