Master Items Library

What you should know about the
Master Items Library !

We present a video, in which you will be able to effectively watch a series of tips and tricks of use and why the  Master Items Library is beneficial.

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          00:00 – Intro
          00:28 – The Qlik™ Learning Portal
          00:51 – What is the Master Items Library
          02:30 – Create a Master Item (measure and dimension) – Simplified Authoring
          05:11 – Create the chart with Master Items         
          05:43 – Master Items – Advanced Options – Master Visualizations
          07:14 – Editing or Unlinking your Master Visualization
          08:30 – Library Colors – Dimension usage
          10:53 – Publish App to Managed Space for other users
          12:00 – Switch to user with access to Managed Space
          12:33 – Create analysis from Master Items Library content
          13:35 – Publish content to the Community sheets
          13:55 – Conclusion

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