QR-Patrol Web Application


Web Application

Evolution of security systems

Monitoring security guards, manage patrol tours, organize programs

Users Management

The QR-Patrol web application enables total control of the different security levels: administrators, managers, security companies, security guards and customers. A QR-Patrol manager can control all levels down in the hierarchy.


The QR-Patrol web application allows you to add and edit all relevant information about the different user roles and allows remote management of any incident, security, program, customer related to the company of security organization.

Advanced Reporting

There are four basic reporting options that allow export to PDF or Excel for further processing:

Finished Scheduled Route report –  informs about all patrols made or lost in a certain time frame.

Clients Events Report – includes all events for a specific customer with full details.

Incidents Report – includes all events reported by customer sites or guards.

Guard Daily Tour Duration Report – provides information on the exact time and duration of the patrol tours.

Manage and Assign Checkpoints

The security account manager using QR-Patrol can easily assign checkpoints ( QR-codes, NFC tags, Beacons) through the QR-Patrol web interface.

Each key point is assigned to a particular location of a customer, so predefined tours can be scheduled for each guard. Assigning control points is the core of the QR-Patrol watch monitors program because it interconnects the mobile and web applications by scanning by security guards.

Managing real-time patrol tours

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