QR-Patrol Mobile Application


Mobile Application

Add value to security services

Simplify guard tours with Cloud technology and Smartphone use

Start a Patrol Tour

Now you can start a new patrol tour by simply pressing a button. Getting the patrol tours is now easier with the smartphone.

Just get to the specified location, launch the QR-Patrol Mobile App and start a patrol tour. At the same time, an event alarm is sent to the QR-Patrol Web Application from a Cloud server, indicating that a new patrol tour has been starting.

Add Multimedia files

You can now send not only events, but you also have the ability to communicate with management through multimedia interactions, such as:

– Text Messages;

– Images captured at the time of the patrol tour;

– Audio messages;

All messages include validation signature to claim legal processes and no ambiguity for security activities.

Incident reports of the Security Guard

If a security guard encounters an emergency, he can immediately send an SOS alert to the Monitoring Center by simply pressing the SOS red button. Moreover, he can choose from a predefined list of incidents. Here are some examples: a broken door, missing keys, lit lights, broken windows, etc.

Simpler patrol tours, with the Smartphone

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