Machine Learning and Qlik™ AutoML

The Path Forward - Fully Integrated AI and ML

Machine Learning and Qlik™ AutoML

Welcome to the final blog post in Qlik™ AI and ML video series, which contains videos 5 and 6 focused on Machine Learning and Qlik™ AutoML.

Today, most organizations struggle to understand what is likely to happen in the future and why – unless they can invest in data scientists to create machine learning models and make predictions.  Qlik™ AutoML brings AI generated models and predictive analytics capabilities directly to the larger community of analytics users and teams in a simple user experience, allowing them to apply this power to a wide range of “everyday” use cases.

In this first video, the fifth in Qlik™‘s “The Way Forward for AI and ML” series, you’ll watch an overview of machine learning, a description of the capabilities of Qlik™ AutoML and what makes it unique, and we’ll take a look at the many use cases it can be applied to.

Video 5

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With Qlik™ AutoML, business analysts and analytics teams can easily generate machine learning models, make predictions, and plan decisions – all within an intuitive, code-free user experience. It allows you to easily create ML experiments, identify key drivers in the dataset and generate models for training and refinement.  You can then make future predictions on forward-looking data, complete with prediction influencer data (Shapley values) at the record-level.  This allows you to understand not just what might happen, but why it might happen and what action can be taken to best affect outcomes. Predictive data can be easily published into Qlik Sense™ and other cloud platforms, and models can be integrated into Qlik Sense™ for real-time exploration and what-if scenario planning.

This next video provides a detailed demonstration of Qlik™ AutoML, including model training, generating predictions, and analyzing data in Qlik Sense™.

Video 6

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This concludes the blog and video series on AI and ML from Qlik™, but it’s only the beginning of Qlik™ AI journey.  With new advances such as generative AI transforming how we live and work, AI is positioned to become even more powerful in offering assistance and automation in analytics.  Qlik™ recently released the new suite of real-time connectors for OpenAI, allowing direct integration of generative AI content and capabilities into Qlik Sense™ apps and automation.  This helps Qlik™  users augment analytics, synthesize and combine data, and ask questions of generative AI to expand context and insight.  Check it out here.

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