The Qlik™ Analytics Connector OpenAI

The Qlik™ OpenAI Connector

This week Qlik™ is introducing the new family of OpenAI connectors, including automation connectors and real-time analytics integration, enabling organizations to integrate Generative AI content directly into their analytics apps and app automation workflows.

With this capability, users can take advantage of the rich content offered by generative AI in a variety of ways, such as augmenting analytics with natural language insights from OpenAI, synthesizing and combining third-party data into existing data models, and allowing users to ask questions in real-time using data from Qlik™.

These connectors represent the next evolution of Qlik™‘s augmented analytics journey, which began in 2019 with the introduction of AI-based intelligence generation and natural language interaction.  Currently, Qlik™ natively supports fully interactive search, chat and NLG on internal data in 11 languages, and Qlik™‘s Analytics Types capability provides a unique form of generative AI that allows users to create advanced analytics such as a grouping, forecast, period over period, etc. in a few clicks – with AI and NLG generated visualizations.  Now, with the inclusion of generative AI, Qlik™ continues to lead the way in augmented analytics that harness the power of OpenAI to expand context, drive broader insight and engage with more users.

Users can utilize the Qlik™ new, real-time OpenAI analytics connector to embed generative AI content within their analytics apps for natural language context and insights, synthesizing data for supplemental analysis, and asking questions using data from Qlik™. This connector is built on the same architecture as Qlik™’s other advanced integrations, allowing direct, engine-level data exchange as the user clicks. The connector is easily accessible from Qlik™’s Analytics Connectors menu and can be used in both the data load process to augment data sets and for real-time questions through expressions within chart objects.

The Analytics Connector builds and sends queries to OpenAI in real time, which processes them and returns narrative and/ or tabular data.  Questions can be defined by the application developer using expressions in the upload script or a sheet object, or entered by a user through the user interface, and can include data from the Qlik™ application as defined by selections.  Unlike large and costly batch queries, Qlik™‘s associative engine allows users to make selections and send small subsets of data to OpenAI in real time, providing the most current and relevant insights and contextual responses and minimizing costs.  And organizations can use the same power directly in their business processes and automation workflows with the new OpenAI connector blocks in Qlik™ Application Automation. The new OpenAI connector in Qlik™ Application Automation can be configured to send queries that return results and write back to business processes and/ or source systems.

These connectors support a variety of use cases such as data ops, sales, marketing, customer support and more.  And that’s just the beginning.  With its open platform approach, Qlik™ gives customers and partners the tools to innovate around generative AI to take advantage of the many opportunities to get even more value from the Qlik™ platform.  Full governance and control are maintained over the OpenAI relationship, including the data users submit and how they choose to use it within the Qlik™ platform.

For a brief overview, please watch the video below!

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Here are some videos to better familiarize you with how OpenAI analytics connectors work with Qlik™ Cloud Analytics.

Embed Generative AI Insights - Chart Expression

This video covers some important tips and tricks and need to know advice when using the OpenAI Connector with a chart expression when embedding generative insights into your Qlik™ Cloud Analytics apps.

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Augment You Data Model with Generative AI

This video covers some important tips and tricks and need to know advice when using the OpenAI Connector with a chart expression when embedding generative insights into your Qlik™ Cloud Analytics apps.

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OpenAI Connector Blocks – Add Generative AI Insights to your Workflow

This video shows a use case for the new OpenAI Connector blocks in Qlik™ Application Automation. Access latest incidents in ServiceNow and ask OpenAI Completions Chat API to suggest a sentiment score based on text in the incident. The provide a possible response and update the ticket and send a message with the possible response to MS Teams.

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