Inphinity Flow Wizard

There are things hard to imagine without seeing them. Inphinity Workflow Wizard is one of them!

Could you imagine defining and updating processes within Qlik Sense™ and sharing them with others without even using a script? Now it becomes reality.

With Inphinity Suite you can turn your Qlik Sense™ into an interactive portal containing all types of information, including processes, their ownership and much more.

Inphinity Workflow Wizard presents you completely new possibilities within Qlik Sense™ application sheets where you can:

  • Workflow Definition: update already existing processes, approve/disapprove them and share with others
  • Workflow Definition: define your own process intuitively in seconds
  • Workflow Definition: add external links to specific steps of the process that will be easily available after clicking on the node
  • Workflow Usage: see how the process works – go through the step-by-step bonus calculation for all your employees

For a brief overview, please watch the video below!

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Please notice that the application has been built for the demo purposes:

  • Action types available within dropdown menus are customizable. You can define your own regarding to your use cases.
  • If you want specific actions to happen during the reload, it has to be developed within a Qlik™ app. For example, for sending notifications one need to integrate Qlik Alerting™ or SMTP connector.

You can find this app in the custom objects section of the Inphinity package, Flow Wizard section, as well as in the Inphinity Universe, demo portal,, where the application is called Superpowers of Inphinity Flow.

In the video below you can watch an in-depth presentation of the  Inphinity Flow Wizard, part of the Inphinity suite of extensions.

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In conclusion

You can use Inphinity Flow Wizard to create a documentation about your IT architecture because any kind of network diagram can be designed by using Inphinity Flow Wizard

or you can map how a calculation is done.

But what is really significant is this Floor Plan.

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