Connector Factory – June 2023 Releases

June 2023 Releases

This month, Connector Factory has released more Qlik™ Application Automation and Qlik™ Cloud Analytics connectors. Connector Factory is Qlik™’s strategy to continually expand access to and delivery of data from hundreds of SaaS applications and data sources to fuel ever-evolving enterprise cloud analytics and data integration needs.

Qlik™ Application Automation

Following the completion of Qlik™’s acquisition of Talend, they are starting to integrate and merge their products together.  As parts of this effort, Qlik™ Application Automation has released two related connectors:


The Stitch connector allows users to subscribe their automation to a completed data load event in Stitch.  Stitch is used to connect to databases and SaaS applications, and then replicates that data to a destination of your choosing.

The automation will run each time new data lands in the user’s data warehouse. If the run was successful, the automation can then evaluate the pipeline’s status and start tasks in Talend or jobs in dbt.
You can learn more about the Stitch connector here.

Talend Cloud

The Talend Cloud connector can be used to orchestrate Talend tasks around data integration, data quality, and other Qlik™ Application Automation tasks.  Talend Cloud provides online services through which you can access features and functions of the Talend Software to design, manage, and monitor integration capabilities.

This connector enables you to leverage automations in Qlik™ Cloud to streamline data pipelines and data governance needs across your organization.  This connector is also available in Qlik™ Cloud Government.
You can learn more about the Talend Cloud connector here.

Olik™ has also just released three more Qlik™ Application Automation connectors:


Recently, the OpenAI Connector was released, which can help developers enhance their existing workflows with AI and content generated from large language models when creating expressions, commands or scripts in Qlik™ Application Automation. Companies can take advantage of OpenAI to quickly and efficiently create and deliver additional value to use cases such as sentiment analysis for CRM applications and customer service teams, review translation or product materials.
You can learn more about the OpenAI connector here.


The SugarCRM connector enables users to streamline sales operations by integrating sales ops, marketing, and account management seamlessly into their Qlik™ Cloud analytics environment, thus improving efficiency and collaboration.
You can learn more about the SugarCRM connector here.


The PagerDuty connector can help companies combine PagerDuty’s capabilities around managing IT monitoring, incidents, and observability with Qlik Cloud to better support IT groups and data operations. 
You can learn more about the PagerDuty connector here.

Qlik™ Cloud Analytics

Qlik® OpenAI Analytics Connector – Expanding Qlik™’s robust set of native Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities, Qlik™’s OpenAI Analytics connector enables users to securely integrate powerful natural language insights directly from OpenAI into analytics apps, synthesize and combine third-party data into existing data models, directly ask questions of ChatGPT augmented with data from Qlik™, and much more.
You can read more about the OpenAI Analytics Connector here.

Qlik™ also released a new standalone version of Qlik™ Web Connectors.  In addition to general improvements and bug fixes, this release was expanded to include a Qlik™ connector for Google Analytics 4.

And on a related note, we are encouraging all Qlik™ Analytics customers who have Google Analytics to upgrade to Google Analytics 4.  Google has previously announced they will stop processing new hits against their Universal Analytics service on July 1, 2023 although customers will still be able to see their Universal Analytics reports after this date for an unspecified period.  But new data will only flow into Google Analytics 4
You can find more out about this announcement here.

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