Smart Search and Insight Advisor in Qlik™

Order processing time using Smart Search together with Insight Advisor is a powerful combination.

Did you know that you can combine the power of smart search while using Insight Advisor?
Smart Search indexes all your fields and data values and guides users to narrow down selections, even if they are unsure of what they are looking for. Insight Advisor is your AI -powered assistant that can generate analytics and answers to business questions by simply exploring the data, using natural language and pre-defined analysis types. Combing these capabilities together makes it even easier to get the answers you need to make important business decisions.

Using Smart Search
Smart Search is the global search tool in Qlik Sense™, enabling you to search the entire data set in your app from any sheet in the app. Smart search is available from the selections bar in a sheet by clicking ”Search” icon.

Smart Search only supports text search. Search operators other than quotation marks are not supported.

If you click on a result under Apply a selection, the results disappear and the selection is applied.
Smart Search is available when you are analyzing data on a sheet. The data results help you to find associations and make selections in your data.
You can search for data in visualizations in your sheet with Insight Advisor, which you can access by clicking Insight Advisor in the sheet view. Insight Advisor can also generate new visualizations based on your data searches.

What happens when you search
As you type your search query, Qlik Sense™ searches data items. Smart Search filters the field values and displays the matching items. Smart Search looks for:

  • Field values
  • Dimension values (also dimension values that are created as master items)

Measures (measure values) are not included in smart search.
The results of searching for ‘John Vegetables sugar’, which generates one search query for each term.

A: Search field
Separate search terms with spaces. To link words into one search term, use quotation marks, for example, “mountain bike”. Suggested search strings are displayed beneath the search field.

B: Apply a selection
The search results from the app data, shown with one result per row.
Click Show me more to see more results.

C: Color-coded search result terms
A color code is assigned to each search term found. It shows partial matches as well as full matches.
You can clear the search field by clicking the cancel icon ”Close” to the right in the search field. Click the search icon ”Search” to close Smart search.

The search terms are always compared against the beginning of the words in the database. Searching for “read” does not present “bread” as a match, whereas “reader” and “Reading” would both be matches. The search terms are each given a color to support the identification of the matches. When there are more than six search terms, the colors are reused.

For a brief demonstration, please watch the video below!

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