Risk Monitor

Deloitte, QUBData – Risk Monitor
(analysis of the world economy in times of the COVID-19 pandemic)

Risk Monitor is an intelligence analysis based on the Qlik Sense™ platform that collects quantitative indicators, patterns and trends to reveal changes to the global agenda caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Risk Monitor is a joint project of Deloitte CSI, Qlik™ Russia and CSI, QUBData. The app is available in both Russian and English and integrates 47 data sources (open data and Deloitte data) and provides monitoring of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on demographic, economic and manufacturing trends around the world.


Some of the discoveries of using its app:

  • Population mobility: self-isolation index, information on travel by car and on foot;
  • Economic support indices, list of measures taken by governments to support the economy;
  • COVID-19 statistics for each country + unemployment index and more.


Risk Monitor is dedicated to increasing data literacy in society, showing the real impact of the pandemic on the economy and employment rates.
Risk Monitor also provides the opportunity to track changes in restrictive and supportive measures and their impact on the business environment for better business planning..


The app is open and has already been used by thousands of users in Russia. Risk Monitor provides both business and media monitoring for the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on demographic, economic and production trends around the world.


List data sources / data types / quantity:

  • 47 open data sources are integrated into the application;
  • Data sources include WorldBank, Oxford, John Hopkins University, UN, Yandex, Apple, Google, Rosstat and Deloitte’s internal databases.

The services examine restrictions and support measures to determine their impact on the business environment in each country and worldwide.

Impact of restrictions at country level

The service collects information about the economic situation from over 40 data sources and can identify fast-moving trends. What’s more, thanks to analytical dashboards, users can compare and explore many different indicators simultaneously.

The information Risk Monitor collects from official sources, global analysis centres and Deloitte’s own databases.


  • Quantitative indicators based on data from global analytical centers (World Bank, Oxford, Rosstat);
  • Consolidated indicators and summary analyses at different levels: whole world, individual countries, subdivisions of the Russian Federation;
  • Extended data on Russia and CIS countries;
  • Ability to track changes in restrictive and supportive measures and their impact on the business environment;
  • Customisation to meet individual customer needs.

The following information is available in special sections of the service:

  • Population mobility data: self-isolation index, movement information, statistics or car and walking trips, population dynamics.


  • Economic support indices and lists of measures taken by governments to support the economy.
  • Pandemic monitoring: basic COVID-19 statistics for each country, including number of people infected and recovered, unemployment index, restrictive measures index and more.

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