QlikView™ 11.20 – Important Support Update

As we already know, from Qlik™’s Maintenance Policy, the standard support for QlikView™ 11.20 ended on March 31, 2018. But, takind into account customers feedback, Qlik™ decided to make Extend Support available to all QlikView™ 11.20 customers currently on maintenance, at no additional charge.

The Extend Support for QlikView™ 11.20 will be available until at least March 31, 2019. This availabilit is to provide the customers with time to upgrade to the full QlikView product, not being recommended to stay on QlikView™ 11.20 indefinitely.

Note the following Support expiration dates:

Please contact us for any information about the new QlikView™ version and support for the upgrade procedure from QlikView™ 11.20.

We are at your disposal on Facebook, LinkedIn, by phone, but also by email at office@qqinfo.ro.