Qlik™ Cloud Enhances Data Encryption with Customer Manage Keys

Qlik™ Cloud’s customer managed encryption keys offer a valuable layer of security and control and fulfills stringent compliance requirements like HIPAA.

This week Qlik™ has released the next phase of Customer Managed Keys security offering.

Last year, Qlik™ gave customers complete control over data encryption in their Qlik™ Cloud Tenant by leveraging their own encryption keys provided by the AWS Key Management Service. In Phase 2 you can now convert an existing in-use Qlik™ Cloud Tenant, from Qlik™’s Internal KMS to AWS KMS and back if needed. You can also convert a tenant from one AWS KMS Key to another AWS KMS Key to support key rotation, or effectively, a complete re-encryption. To support Qlik™ OEM and larger enterprise customers, Qlik™ is also enabling the CMK automation life-cycle with a set of Public APIs so developers can manage keys using their own applications. Already complimenting this are Amazon KMS and Qlik™ Cloud Operations connectors that are available in Qlik™ Application Automation.

In today’s data-driven world, ensuring the privacy and security of sensitive information is paramount. That’s where Customer Managed Keys (CMK), often referred to as Bring Your Own Key (BYOK), come into play. These advanced data encryption controls allow organizations to manage and leverage their own encryption keys versus using Qlik™’s.

Through this enhancement in CMK, Qlik™ can now support the following scenarios of converting a tenant with existing data:

  • From Qlik™ Internal KMS to AWS KMS
  • From AWS KMS to Qlik™ Internal KMS
  • From one AWS KMS Key to another AWS KMS Key (Key Rotation)

Public APIs and CMK connectors are also available in Qlik™ Cloud Application Automation to simplify deployment and lifecycle management.

By implementing Customer Managed Keys, organizations can encrypt their data ensuring that only authorized parties can access it. This robust encryption strategy not only fortifies data privacy but also helps companies meet regulatory obligations, HIPAA, or industry-specific standards when designing new solutions or products. In the age of ever-increasing data breaches and cyber threats, CMK empowers businesses to adopt cloud technology with confidence that their data is well-protected and in compliance with the most stringent data privacy regulations.

For a brief demo, please watch the video below!

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