New Qlik™ Layout Container

New Layout Container

Qlik™ announced in early October this year that it was introducing Layout Container, and we published this on our blog:

Here it is this week Qlik™ is kicking off the holiday season with a gift that gives you new ways to create content and design dashboards in Qlik™ Analytics, the new Layout Container object.

The Layout Container, part of the Qlik™ Analytics dashboard bundle, is a new object that enables free layout of charts, the ability to stack visualizations, combine charts into new visualizations, as well as multi-select and group objects for easier sizing, positioning and alignment. Also, it is a great addition to the many easy to use and powerful capabilities to create awesome looking dashboard available in Qlik™ Analytics.

For a brief presentation, we invite you to watch the video below:

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The Layout Container is useful when you want to build a custom display containing multiple charts as a single unit. Unlike the container, which uses tabs to cycle through charts, the Layout Container is a space where you are free to customize your own layout of the charts in the layout container. As the layout container offers sheet-like arrangement of visualizations, you can functionally store multiple sheets within a sheet that can be expanded for more detail.

For a few tips, tricks and nuances on Layout Container, we invite you to watch the video below:

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