Inphinity Write-Back Extension for Qlik Sense™ Concept

If you work with Qlik™, you already know the data visualization part, you can bring in data from different databases such as SQL, Snowflake and so on, but what if you could edit and enter data directly from the dashboard or if all your users could do it?

Well, basically, that’s what Inphinity Forms can do.
You can centralize your work in the Qlik™ interface and enter data by writing it back to different databases and once you have that set up, you can bring the data back using Qlik™.
All your users can centralize activity in the Qlik™ dashboard, save results to the database and see changes in near real-time. You have control over all activity so you know who changed what and when.

So that’s the process of entering data and bringing it back into the visualization side, and in the video below, you can see how a write-back extension works and how it can change the way you work with Qlik™.

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