FAQ AMP 2021


Who is AMP for ?

To be eligible for the AMP program a QlikView™ Server licensee (Enterprise or Small Business) must be current with AUS service contracting.

AMP is Qlik™‘s abbreviation for Analytics Modernization Program, a dual licensing program that significantly helps organizations still using QlikView™ to simultaneously access the Qlik Sense™ platform at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

What are the costs of AMP ?

If the AMP enrollment is made in 2021, the AMP does NOT induce additional costs, but is equivalent to the previous annual cost for AUS (Annual Upgrade & Support) services.

Does switching to AMP result in the loss of AUS already paid?

NO !

The AUS subscription, paid for a period in advance, is equivalent to the AMP subscription (for the same period and at the same value).

What do I lose when I join the AMP?

When enrolling in the MPA, the BENEFICIARY

  • is waiving perpetual licensing of QlikView™,
  • and receives in return 2 annual subscription licenses, one Qlik Sense™ Enterprise Server and one QlikView™ Server (Small Business or Enterprise, same as current perpetual)

How are users matched in AMP?

For each current QlikView™ user (CAL), a Qlik Sense™, user will also be assigned as follows:

  • 1 Named CAL QlikView™ Perpetual License
             = 1 Name CAL QlikView™ Subscription
             + 1 User Professional Qlik Sense™ Subscription
    (QV NCAL and Q S Profi are 1:1 equivalent as rights)
  • 1 Document CAL QlikView™ Perpetual License
            = 1 Document CAL QlikView™ Subscription
            + 1 User Analyzer Qlik Sense Subscription
    (DocuCAL and Analyzer have a different logic of licensing:
    1. DocuCAL provides access to a single QVW with interface editing rights,
    2. Analyzer provides access to as many QVFs as you want, but without interface and/or script editing rights
    where QVF =  Qlik Sense™ application, equivalent to a QVW file în QlikView™, includes script, page and object interface, access rights, but no macros or PDF layouts).

Which AMP variants are available?

When enrolling in the AMP, the beneficiary has the choice between:

  •  Qlik Sense™ Enterprise SaaS licensing (in the Qlik™ Cloud)
  • and Qlik Sense Enterprise Client Managed licensing (On Premise or in Private Cloud)

SaaS licensing also includes hosting costs for the standard resource set.
For large data sets and/or intensive processing additional costs are possible.

For Client Managed licensing, it is the responsibility of the beneficiary to provide the hardware and software resources on which Qlik Sense™ Server will be installed: hardware (or virtual) server and Windows Server licensing

In the choice of platform (SaaS versus OnPrem), an additional criterion can be related to licensing costs when adding users, which are about 10% higher for SaaS.

What if I want to add more users in the future ?

Any subsequent user additions will apply to both platforms simultaneously, although only the licensing cost for Qlik Sense™ Server (Profi or Analyzer) users will be charged.

What is the time horizon for which I commit to enrolling in AMP ?

The conditions for enrollment in the AMP program presented are valid for contracting AMP for a 3-year term with annual settlement. Unilateral termination of the contract before the end of the term triggers immediate payment of the amount contracted for 3 years and not yet paid.

The automatic 3-year extension can be converted into an automatic annual extension at the end of the first 3-year AMP.

What is payable when joining the AMP ?

On the date of enrollment in the AMP, the AUS counter value for the period [AMP Start Date] – [AMP Start Date + 1 year] is calculated and the AUS already paid is deducted from this amount.
The payment amount for the first year is the result of the above calculation.
For years 2 and 3 the payment amount is equal to the current AUS cost for 1 full year on all licenses.

Example 1: 

  • AUS worth EUR 30k expires 30 June 2022 (contracted in June 2021). 
  • No additional perpetual licenses purchased in the last 2 years.
  • The new anniversary date (AMP) will be 31 December 2022
    => for the first year only the AUS c-value for the period 1 July 2022 – 31 December 2022, i.e. EUR 15 k, shall be paid upon signature of the MPA.
    => for the years 2 and 3, 30 k EUR will be paid in December 2022 (and 2023 respectively).

Example 2: 

  • AUS of EUR 30 k expires on 30 June 2022. 
  • There are additional licences purchased on 31 March 2021 worth EUR 10 k + EUR 2 k AUS.
  • The new anniversary date (AMP) will be 31 December 2022.
    => for the first year the AMP is paid upon signature:
               for old licenses, c-val AUS for the period 1 July 2022 to 31 December 2022 , i.e. EUR 15 k.
               for new licenses, c-value AUS for the period 1 April 2022 – 31 December 2022, i.e. EUR 2 k* 9/12 + 5% = EUR 1.575 k
               Total first year = 16.575 k EUR
    => for years 2 and 3 will be paid in December 2022 (and 2023 respectively)
               for old licences EUR 30 k, c-value AUS for 1 full year of old licences
               for new licences, EUR 2 k + 5% = EUR 2.1 k
              Annual total for years 2 and 3 = 32.1 k EUR

    where 5% is the annual AUS increase for 2021, assumed to be already included in the calculated AUS for old licenses.

What freebies do I get when I join the AMP ?

The following additional licenses are provided free of charge upon enrollment in the AMP:

  • QlikView™ Publisher, with which QlikView™ applications are uploaded to the Qlik Sense™ after data refreshing. 
  • When adopting Client Managed
    Server Development Qlik Sense™ Enterprise
    Test Server Qlik Sense™ Enterprise
  • When adopting SaaS
    1. Qlik GeoMapping advanced
    2. Data Catalog for Qlik,
    3. Qlik Alerts
    4. Qlik Insight Bot
    5. Qlik Automation

What guarantees do I have that prices won't go up after I join AMP ?

Contractual terms assumed by QQinfo:

  • No annual increments apply during the 3-year period. 
  • For the purchase of additional new licenses, prices may not increase by more than 5% per year, regardless of Qlik™‘s then current list prices.

What is the oldest installed version of QlikView™ required for AMP ?

QlikView™ 12 April 2019 is the oldest QlikView™ Server version over which AMP can be applied.

If you have an earlier version you will need to upgrade prior to migrating to AMP (to a version newer than Apr 2019).

Can I use Qlik Sense™ licenses in AMP for users other than those licensed in QlikView™ ?

The licensing provisions allow the use of dual Qlik Sense™ and QlikView™ licenses by the same users, but there is currently no mechanism to enforce this provision.
This is not a guarantee that such a mechanism will not be implemented, but it is quite unlikely.

What's the risk if I don't join the AMP in 2021 ?

1. The validity of the AMP with the option of exclusive payment of previous AUS costs, without 30% markup, is announced for 2021.
From 2022, there will be a +30% markup over AUS for enrollment in the AMP program.

2. Alternatively, it may be decided to discontinue the use of QlikView™ perpetual licenses in the future and license a new Qlik Sense™ subscription licensed environment at that time..

In this situation, Qlik Sense™ licensing costs (according to the current price list) would be more than 2 times higher !

Example of calculation:

Previous purchase QlikView™ Perpetual Small Business Server  + 5 Named CAL + 10 Docu CAL = 15400 EUR + AUS 20%.
 => AUS 2021 = 3080 EUR + 5%  = 3234 EUR/ year
 => in 2021, AMP 2022-2024 (5 Profi + 10 Analyzer ) = 3234 EUR/year
 => from 2022, AMP 2022-2024 (5 Profi + 10 Analyzer ) = 4204 EUR/year

Purchase of new licences :
Qlik Sense™ SaaS ( 5 Profi + 10 Analyzer) = 8100 EUR/year
Qlik Sense™ Client Managed ( 5 Profi + 10 Analyzer) = 7275 EUR/year

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