The BARC 22 BI & Analytics Survey

No one knows business intelligence solutions better than the people who use them every day.

For the BI & Analytics 22 survey, BARC, a leading enterprise software analyst firm, spoke with nearly 2,500 BI users to review 30 top products. Once again, real-world BI users chose Qlik™ as their favorite for data analysis in their peer groups. They voted Qlik Sense™ #1 in 6 KPIs and leader in 45 more, including critical KPIs:

  • Customer experience
  • Business benefits
  • Sales experience
    Query performance
  • Functionality
  • Flexibility
  • Ease of use
Below there are some of the reasons why users ranked
Qlik Sense™ ranked #1 in business value:

„The best BI platform on the market. Flexible, powerful and easy to use.”

„A flexible BI tool that saves companies money when thinking about total cost of ownership.”

„The best visual analysis software on the market.”

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