Connector Factory – September 2023 Releases

September 2023 Releases

In the month of September, Connector Factory released more Qlik™ Cloud Analytics integration capabilities and some enhanced Qlik™ Application Automation connectors.

Qlik™ Cloud Analytics
New generic ODBC connector

Qlik™ Cloud Analytics can now access any data repository that uses standard ODBC drivers.  Using the Direct Access gateway, your apps can now utilize many more data stores in the cloud or on-premises. This is in addition to the many data source and web service connectors that are already available to Qlik™ Cloud Analytics.  Simply select “ODBC (via Direct Access gateway)” from the list of connectors in the Qlik Sense™ Add data connection or Data load editor dialogs to begin adding a new connector.

Details on this connector can be found here.

Qlik™ Application Automation
Supported by Qlik™ Cloud Government

The following connectors can now additionally run within Qlik™ Cloud Government, which is an edition of Qlik™ Cloud that’s designed for government agencies who have additional required security protocols:

  • Databricks Connector
  • API Key Connector

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