AI-Enhanced Qlik™ Cloud Analytics Features

Transform your business with new AI-enhanced Qlik™ Cloud Analytics features!

Insight Advisor, the intelligent AI-assistant from Qlik™, supports a variety of advanced insight generation and automation experiences including search driven insights, conversational analytics, and analysis types – the unique framework for choosing a type of advanced analysis and generating visualizations, NLG, and even smart sheets.

In the video below, we walk you through a key factor analysis to uncover the factors driving a selected metric. You’ll also get a more detailed foray into how you can customize insight generation and natural language processing through Qlik™ business logic layer.

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    00:00 – intro and presentation
     14:10 – “things you should know”
     15:35 – Demo Flow
     17:24 – Ask Insight Advisor – Insight Advisor Chat
     23:39 – Insight Advisor Chat in MS Teams (coming soon)
     24:59 – Explore this further – Insight Advisor Natural Language Search and Explore
     27:48 – How to Enable Insight Advisor Chat for your apps
     29:05 – Insight Advisor Web Interface Layout
     30:00 – Point and click explore
     31:40 – Natural Language Search
     33:46 – Analysis Types
     34:15 – Using Insight Advisor along with Smart Search
     36:05 – Smart Sheets
     39:00 – NL Insights Chart and Expression Generator
     42:38 – Key Drivers (coming soon)
     44:38 – Build-out Example with Business Logic

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