Cloud Application Sources for Qlik™ Cloud Data Integration

Connector Factory Launch

Cloud Application Sources for Qlik™ Cloud Data Integration

Connector Factory is Qlik™’s strategy to continually expand access to and delivery of data from hundreds of SaaS applications and data sources to fuel ever-evolving enterprise cloud analytics and data integration needs.  Since Qlik™ introduced Connector Factory earlier this year, it has launched new and upgraded Qlik™ Application Automation and Qlik™ Cloud Analytic connectors every month since then (March, April, May and June).

Qlik™ Company is excited to announce the first major launch of connectors for Qlik™ Cloud Data IntegrationQlik™ is introducing over 20 new connectors that will enable Qlik™ Cloud Data Integration to gather both full and incremental data from these popular cloud applications:

Built using standard APIs and generative AI technology, Qlik™ Data Integration can now directly access the latest information within Workday, Oracle NetSuite, ServiceNow, Microsoft Dynamic 365 and many more cloud applications as part of your data integration and transformation projects, providing greater agility to Qlik™ customers. These new connectivity points support both full and increment loads, integration with monitoring interfaces and AI schema inference such as 100% field accuracy and automatically adjusting to changes.

As there are an ever-growing number of cloud application sources, Qlik™ are creating these and any future SaaS application connectors using standard APIs and generative AI technology to streamline the development process.  But rest assured that Qlik™ followed the same guidelines as already existing connectors with regard to data integrity, security, and reliability.  Another way Qlik™ accelerated delivery was to start by building many of these connectors for a specific use case.  Thus, while these connectors are Generally Available (GA) and covered by Qlik™’s standard support policies, they are initially tagging them as Preview.  Once they expand the capabilities of these connectors to cover multiple use cases, they will remove the Preview label.

These connectors are available to all Qlik™ Cloud Data Integration customers. 

To learn more about these connectors, check out the video clips below.
In the first one, you will be able to watch a presentation of the new cloud application sources in Cloud Data Integration.
In the second one you can see a quick example of on boarding Shopify orders data to Snowflake using Qlik™ Cloud Data Integration and its new application source connectors

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Video 2
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