Autumn news in 2021 at Qlik Sense™

In September 2021, Qlik™ brought us the following news:

1. Qlik™ Application Automation

This application is part of Qlik™‘s vision of active intelligence, which now provides insight into every aspect of your business and helps you drive immediate action. Right now Qlik™ Application Automation lets you visually assemble workflows that work with market-leading SaaS applications to invoke downstream processes that react to changes in your business. As a result, you spend less time scheduling back office workflows and more time managing information.

Qlik™ Application Automation can be used by analytics application developers, data engineers and systems integrator to automate many of their day-to-day analytics development and management tasks.

For more details and demonstrations, you can watch the video presentation below.

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2. Qlik Sense™ Enterprise SaaS – Impact analysis

Qlik™ brings us a new capability in Qlik Sense™ Enterprise SaaS that allows you to better understand the origin and journey of any dataset in your catalog.

Using the new Qlik™ Impact Analytics, using the new Qlik™ Impact Analytics capability, data consumers will now have more confidence in their data because they can easily understand the full history of a dataset. This includes the applications that use that data, as well as identifying any new information derived from that dataset.

For more details and demonstrations, you can watch the video presentation below.

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3. Qlik Sense™ Insight Advisor Improvements

Qlik™ brings us the latest enhancements to Insight Advisor in Qlik Sense™. Insight Advisor is your intelligent assistant in Qlik Sense™, providing AI-generating charts that are delivered in multiple forms using a variety of user experiences. These include field selection, natural language search, and Insight Advisor chat. It automatically generates context-aware analytics learned from search data and criteria and supports natural language interaction. It can also provide more advanced analytics for users to explore.

For more details and demos, you can watch the video presentation below.

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Qlik™ has also introduced in Insight Advisor the ability to include images as fields in our table chart object and a new type of Insight Advisor analytics time series chart that shows changes in trends. You can now add images as data fields to table objects. When you add your field, you can select the representation in the properties panel to be an image and provide a URL in the expression, resolving to a dynamic image filename of the date you want to represent. The image will display appropriately in each cell for the date row that has a defined image that matches the expression.

For more details and demonstrations, you can watch the video presentation below.

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4. Qlik Sense™ Cloud Improvemets

As of this October 2021 debut, Qlik Sense™ Cloud also offers options to be connected to advanced analytics engines (predictive, ML, AI)!

This functionality was already available last year for Qlik Sense™ Enterprise Server OnPremise .

Among the connection options available for this purpose, some of the most popular commercial Data Science, Machine Learning and AI platforms already have dedicated connectors (Amazon xxx , Aziure yyy and Data Robot).

In addition, there is also the option to use a generic Advanced Analytics connector with which to leverage virtually any other Advanced Analytics platform that works with API calls.

Regardless of the connection chosen, Qlik Sense™ SaaS is now able to send data to the Advanced Analytics engine via API and await the results of external Qlik™ data processing to use further.

Important to mention: it is possible both to call the API from within the Qlik™ script (when retrieving and processing data) and to call the API from the Qlik™ navigation interface, sending dynamically defined datasets of user selections via the Qlik™ interface to the Advance Analytics server.

Thus, the Augmented Analytics approach through which Qlik™ facilitates the collaboration between the Qlik™ Associative engine, the manager’s human intuition (continuously connected through Qlik™ selections and visualizations) and predictive advanced analytics algorithms, announced by Qlik™ in summer 2020, is now even more powerfully supported by the latest generation of Qlik Sense™ servers, available in the cloud.

5. Additional customisation of tooltips

Also, this October 2021 edition, includes additional tooltips customization, with the ability to embed a master view inside the tooltip. This allows you to view an overview first, then drill directly into the chart for details. The embedded chart inherits the state with the selected dimension value.

Scatter diagram with table
Overview and sales details

For more details and demonstrations, you can watch the video presentation below.

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6. New and improved chart views

For the Visualization Showcase application, Qlik™ has created a theme that focuses on charts, removing some of the focus on other elements such as description text. Text and descriptions are important, but in this app they are secondary to the stronger story each chart needs to tell. To achieve this effect, this theme wraps each diagram in a container, while the text elements land flat in the background. Users are intentionally directed to “highlighted” objects on the screen, where they can interact with the glorious Qlik™ charts.

The app contains 23 tabs with examples of how to use any of the diagrams shown, some of the diagram pages contain multiple variations of a diagram, including:

          ♦ New visualizations

    • Sankey Chart
    • Mekko Chart
    • Variance Waterfall Chart
    • Radar Chart
    • Funnel Chart
    • Network Chart
    • Org Chart
    • Word Cloud
    • Bullet Chart
    • P&L Pivot Table
    • Heatmap Box Plot
    • Grid Chart

The Sankey Chart is a type of flow chart in which the width of the arrows is shown proportionally to the flow quantity.
It puts a visual emphasis on the major transfers or flows within a system, and is helpful in locating dominant contributions to an overall flow.
This example shows the sales per product category to the country.

          ♦  Visualization Improvements

    • Trellis Chart
    • Sparkline
    • Trend Lines and Indicators
    • Accumulations & Modifiers
    • Video Player
    • Bar Chart Improvements
    • Line Chart Styling
    • Pie Chart Styling
    • Table Improvements
    • Multi KPI
    • Mapping & GeoAnalytics

The Trellis Chart creates small multiples, aka trellising, for a given dimension. An individual chart is created for each value in a dimension.
Trellising makes it possible to not only analyze the metrics within each chart, but also to compare with the rest of the group at the same time. This makes it easy to spout outliers among variables.
The Trellis chart offers advanced functionally including support for more than one dimension, support for calculated dimensions, and advanced mode for trellising complex charts.

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