Qlik Sense™ Client – Managed August 2023 Release

Qlik Sense™ Client - Managed August 2023 release now available!

Qlik™ is happy to announce the release of the new Qlik Sense™ Client – Managed version from August 2023.
This version is primarily focused on visualization improvements including a variety of new customization and styling options, and enhancements to navigation and design. 
Users will also appreciate new support of Parquet files, providing storage savings and enhanced performance for large data sets.
In this release, you will find new capabilities, many of which are already available in Qlik™ Cloud today.

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Visualizations & Dashboards

New Styling Settings in “App Options” UI

New application styling settings in “App options” allow you to turn the Toolbar and Sheet Title on or off for all sheets. Turning the Toolbar and/ or Sheet Title off provides more space for content and allows you to customize selections for titles and the navigation bar.

Additional Options for Bar Charts

New Bar Chart options have been added, allowing application developers to enable toggling across different dimensions or measures within the same chart. The ability to add a simple toggle switch using the “show condition” expression gives developers more control, improves customization, and saves space. Users will appreciate significant time savings with the ability to toggle across the variables associated with their Bar Chart data.

New Legend Styling

New styling options for Legends are now available, providing greater flexibility and customization. Legend styling is available for Line, Bar, Pie, Mekko, and Waterfall charts, plus Scatterplot and Distribution Plot. Options for Legend styling include font family, size, and color for Title and Labels.

New Styling Panels for Button Object, Line Charts and Tree Map

A new Styling Panel adds flexibility and customization to the Button Object. Through this enhancement, you can set text size as Fixed, Fluid (resize relative to button height), or Responsive (scales to always fit).

Font styling for Line Charts has been updated to utilize the Nebula framework. Styling includes titles, subtitles, and footnotes, and includes options for font size, color, and family.

The new Styling Panel for the Tree Map chart extends your ability to customize the look and feel to meet organizational standards and preferences. It includes font size, color, and family options for titles, subtitles, and footnotes. You can also choose background image and color.

New Chart Hover and Selection Menu Design

Qlik™ has re-designed the chart hover and selection, providing better customization and enhancing chart rendering with new visual styling options.

Insight Advisor

New Visibility into App Enablement status within UI

When natural language capabilities (Insight Advisor Search and Chat) are enabled for an app, a notification banner is now displayed with the enablement status of the app. This helps users know when apps are ready to support search, so they do not try to access the feature before indexing is complete.

Parquet File Support

New Support for reading and writing parquet files

Apache Parquet is a columnar storage format, highly efficient for storing and querying large datasets. In Qlik Sense™ on Windows, you can now read data from Parquet files and store tables as Parquet files. Using Parquet allows for efficient querying of specific columns in a table rather than reading the entire table. This makes it well-suited for use with big data processing. Also, Parquet supports efficient compression and encoding of data which can further reduce storage space and improve query performance.

Qlik Sense™ Enterprise on Windows August 2023 has introduced support for Parquet files. Support for Parquet files is enabled by default but is only valid for newly generated apps.

Below we will guide you through enabling Parquet file support for existing apps.

To enable Parquet files, they will need to be allowed as sources. We will use QlikSenseCLI in our example.  QlikSenseCLI is shipped with Qlik Sense™ Enterprise on Windows since May 2023.

1. Open Powershell ISE as administrator

2. Import the QlikSenseCLI module in the current Powershell session:

     a. Open the script
     C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Tools\qlik-installation-tools

     b. Run

     c. This will print an about API output on successful run:
     SchemaPath : About
     BuildVersion :
     BuildDate : 6/13/2023 10:08:17 AM
     DatabaseProvider : Devart.Data.PostgreSql
     NodeType : Central
     SharedPersistence : True
     RequiresBootstrap : False
     SingleNodeOnly : False
     ExtensionData :

3. Run the Parquet Whitelist Script:

You can now use Parquet files in existing apps.

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