Cash Driver™ Confidentiality

Data security, privacy and anonymization

For the time being the transmission to and from QQinfo of raw and processed data will be done through intrinsically unsecured channels (email, or https protocol). As such, we recommend that recipients apply an internal data correction factor that creates an additional data interpretation hurdle for anyone who has access to this data.

Due to the nature of the valuable data processed, QQinfo will treat all data received as confidential data, and will not provide to any other party, in whole or in part, the information or the results of the processing of this information.

QQinfo reserves the right to use the submitted data and its processing, in anonymized and consolidated form, to create market research on the impact of Covid on the economy, management optimism at a given point in time, locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally.

Use of the Beneficiary’s name and logo

QQinfo reserves the right to make public the names of companies using the Cash Driver™ services without further consent from the Beneficiary. If QQinfo will use the Beneficiary’s logo in its communications, it will be used, in the latest version known from online media, and in compliance with the Beneficiary’s minimum Corporate Branding Guidelines. In particular, the logo will always be placed on a white/neutral background, with neutral space around it, respecting the aspect ratio, and colors.

Confidential Information is trade secrets or other information including, but not limited to, discoveries, ideas, concepts, trade secrets, techniques, designs, specifications, blueprints, sketches, diagrams, models, logic diagrams, computer programs, bidding documents, strategic plans, territory coverage plans, marketing/financial/business plans, commissions, draft pricing plans, names of employees, customers or suppliers, and other technical, financial or business information, charts, written or other material information disclosed by the party holding the confidential information, if it is marked “confidential” or “proprietary”.

A contracting party shall not be entitled without the consent of the other party:
(a) to make the contract or any provision thereof known to any person other than those persons involved in the performance of the contract;
(b) to use confidential information or documents obtained or to which it has access during the performance of the contract for any purpose other than the performance of its contractual obligations.

The disclosure of any confidential information to persons involved in the performance of the contract shall be made on a confidential basis and shall extend only to that information which is necessary for the performance of the contract, the parties being responsible for the maintenance of confidentiality by their employees under the conditions specified in the parties’ liability (link to parties’ liability).

A contracting party shall be exempt from liability for disclosure of information relating to the contract if:
(a) the information was public before it was received from the other Contracting Party;
(b) the information was disclosed after the written consent of the other Contracting Party to such disclosure has been obtained;
(c) the Contracting Party has been lawfully compelled by State authorities to disclose the information.

If either party becomes aware that undisclosed information has been unauthorized disclosed, lost or used for purposes other than those for which it was disclosed, it shall notify the other party within 5 business days.

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