QQbanking™ provides fast reading plus easy to follow overviews and analytics for all your company’s bank statement of accounts, regardless the number of banks, accounts, currencies, (or even companies) you are operating.

QQbanking™ allows fast visualization of current balance but also on your balance history.

Using QQbanking ™ you can identify and track all kind of operations (payments, commissions, card transactions, monetary exchanges, utilities, etc.

The analytics and visualizations provide both details in the transaction currency, or consolidated figures expressed in your own in primary currencies, already converted at the daily BNR exchange rates of each transaction/balance.

You can also get quantitative analytics (transaction count, partner count, transaction types count, etc), or histograms, that allows you to find the distribution of certain transactions on value ranges (for instance: transactions under 500 RON, between 500 and 1000, etc.

 allows you to unify and make visible all your overnight deposits, regardless the way one of your banks is providing the reports on that.

QQbanking™ allows you to overview multiple accounts , banks, currencies, and companies . It can also provide intra-group consolidation.

Have a look here at a very strong visualization tool: a Dynamic Sankey Diagram, that can depict the distribution of a measure over a complex structure of such dimensions.

You can use as filtering and analytical dimensions all the relevant dimensions: banks, currencies, accounts, companies, partners, card numbers, card owners, etc.

QQbanking™ allows automatic, integrated processing of all statement of accounts from several banks in various currencies from different countries. We recommend to use, as much as possible MT940 (SWIFT) format, but other structured data sources can be used, as well (CSV, MS Excel, etc.).

QQbanking™ can be delivered as a stand alone solution, as a part of QQtreasury™ integrated solution .

QQbanking™ requires one of the 2 Qlik platforms in order to work (QlikView™ or Qlik Sense™, subject of separate licensing).
Qlik Sense Desktop license is freely available (Free of charge).