The Basic equipment of a security guard

1. Clothing – the clothing of a security agent is one of the most important aspects an agent must take into account; it must contain:

     A bullet proof vest -which helps to absorb the impact from bullets or shrapnel and is an important part of the equipment that should not be missed by anyone in the security and protection industry.

     High visibility clothing is another extremely important item and it’s necessary to increase the visibility of security guards (for his safety, but also to alert potential criminals that the area is protected).

      Anyone working in this industry agrees that boots represent an investment that need to be made. Especially if agents stand or walk for long periods of time, a pair of boots that provides comfort and support is something that should not be missed.

2. Flashlight – even if usually a flashlight is a rather large and heavy equipment, it is essentially to a security agent. Even if the agent is working an a day time, a flashlight can be useful in a darker room or area.

3. Defense equipment – security agents have a wide range of equipment to protect them: pepper spray, batons or guns. This equipment helps protect themselves from attacks and provides the means to keep them safe. 

4. Digital camera – if a security guard reaches an area where surveillance cameras have not been installed, a digital camera may be the best alternative during the patrol.

It can be used to instantly record an incident, take pictures, capture vehicle movements, or any other suspicious activity that’s happening in the area.

5. Notebook and pen – security guards must keep notes on each patrol tour. They must remember every aspect that happened during the patrol tour and this is almost impossible to remember.

That’s why the notebook and pen remain key items in their basic equipment.

6. Two-Way Stations (Walkie-Talkie) – security guards who are working at events or in retail must always have a two-way station in order to communicate with the Center or other security guards.

7. Mobile phones – even if most security agents use Walkie-Talkies to communicate, the mobile phone must not be missing from a security agent’s equipment. 

You can have all your contacts on speed dial and you can ask for immediate help or support in case of an incident.

8. The Belt – a belt is important for a security agent, because it keeps all of the agent’s equipment in hand in one place. 

Today, the belt must be the priority of any guard before the start of patrols and his must be checked to ensure that the equipment is not missing of in poor condition.