QQpromo is an unique application dedicated to an efficient management of promotional trade campaigns run through indirect channels.

Using QQpromo™ in distributions organizations delivers value by:

  • Save the management time (no more report consolidation required to be performed manually);
  • Increased visibility over the whole promotion planning perspective, providing new and valuable perspectives on the coherence of planning;
  • Immediate access to comparative, synthetic and detailed analyzes between actual and planned sales values;
  • Collecting and considering all the cost components of a promotion;
  • An immediate calculation of the profitability and the comparative profitability.

The solution is based on 8 key features:

  • Single Promo Perspective – QQpromo™ allows to record, budget, plan and monitor in a systematic manner, all the organized promotional campaigns (mostly through indirect channels) and starting from here, creating a single version of the truth about promotions all around the organization;
  • Visualize and understand scatter, number and types and promotional action targets – allows time and product analysis, but also distribution channels and partners, both in terms of counting the number and type of promotions as well as sales and profitability growth targets.
  • Monitoring the execution of promotional campaigns in terms of targets and budgets – it provides a fast, intuitive and effective way to monitor and analyze (in graphics and tables) the promotional campaigns execution, while comparing with targets and budgets.
  • Automatic calculation of net margin – it brings, in addition, visual signaling of promotion profitability. This is why general contract information from ERP are used.
  • Automatic evaluation versus baseline – planned net margin is always compared with baseline results proposed automatically on the base of previous sales extracted from the ERP.
  • Network-wide or individualized promotions – the promotions can be defined either for a whole retail network or by picking individual shops or groups.
  • Alerting e-mail mechanisms – when such alerts are needed, (deviations from planned, relevant changes of the promotions), e-mail messages are sent to the designated staff.
  • Coherently modeled process; it includes: approval workflow for the planned promotions, freezing option (re-edit blocking) for the management while analyzing for approval, optional saving of draft promo proposals, that need further preparation before submitting for approval, optional cloning of the promotions, to streamline the introduction of similar promotions.

1. QQpromo.Collect is a basic part of the platform, providing recipients and interface for registering promotions and the user management console, as well as the general characterization parameters of the promotions. 

It runs on an open-source platform – Apache-MySQL-Php.

Main page allows:

  • listing and filtering promotions;
  • new promotion starting process;
  • gross margin monitoring both for individuals and groups;
  • change of the input-approval status.

2. QQpromo.Analytics is the management analysis component that delivers a visual, graphical and interactive interface based on the QlikView business intelligence platform.

The Dashboard page allows you to see, in an intuitive way, the general indicators and to select a subset of promotions.

3. QQpromo.Connect is the component that allows QQpromo to interconnect with other information systems for bidirectional information exchange.