QQcashflow™ supports the development of bottom-up company’s cash flow projection. It works both on QlikView and Qlik Sense platforms.

Based on issued and received invoices (recorded usually within an ERP or anywhere else as accounts receivables & accounts payables) and adding on top of these information other type of predictable transactions that impacts your future cash (taxes, rents, salaries, etc), the solution provides the clear identification (both as size and timing) of future excedents and deficits in your cash position.

This is possible through a systematic approach and a fast processing and visualization.

On top of all these, the solution allows you to depict and filter data subsets, in order to understand, for instance, the impact of certain projects or partnerships in your future cash flow.

Depending on the company’s typology, QQcashflow integrates also visual analytics for using overdrafts, letters of guarantee (with and without cash collateral), credits and/or deposits, and so on, with dedicated interface for each metric.

In the case of a group of companies with coordinated (or semi-coordinated) treasury operations, QQcashflow allows both individual treatment and net consolidation. Even multi-level hierarchical organizations can be served smoothly.

Beyond the visual analytics and predictions there is QQcashflow Optim™ that can create, whenever a cash deficit is identified, suggested payment delays, aiming minimal penalties and risks.

The delays proposal is created based on a set of parameters that included payment terms, penalties, acceptable delays and expected risk probabilities.

See the right column for a simple illustration of QQcashflow Optim™.

QQcashflow optim™

QQcashflow Optim™ allows operational prioritization of payments delay proposals. It works as part of QQcashflow, on QlikView and Qlik Sense.


Initial forecast:

Starting 2 of march 2013, QQcashflow™ provides a red alert in the second graph, underlining a future cash deficit forecast.

After running the QQcashflow Optim™ algorithm, here it is a set of proposed delays:

Assuming the proposals are applied, the new cash flow projection avoids negative positions:

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