[expand title=”2017 – BI Development” rel=”istoric-highlander” tag=”h4″]

Starting from the Simplified Version of the Two-Dimensional Sales-Inventory Analysis, we also developed the Advanced Version of Two-Dimensional Sales-Stock Analysis (with prioritization of unitary intervention in all situations).

Our BI Developers team has worked intensively and has “set up” Factorial Analytics.

Practice with the students of the Faculty of Cybernetics and Management Informatics within ASE has been a very important period for us. As in the previous years, each student completed his practice.


[expand title=”2016 – Double the turnover” rel=”istoric-highlander” tag=”h4″]

We extended the project to one of our clients- eMAG.

We have successfully completed the first Qlik Sense™ project, but also the first project for a courier company.

We have developed a stock management BI solutionQQinventory.health™ – a visual analysis that starts from sales history and stock movements, to highlight Out-of-Stock (OOS), No Moving (NoM) and Slow Moving situations.

We have strengthened our Sales and Marketing team.

[expand title=”2015 – QQinfo resolutions” rel=”istoric-highlander” tag=”h4″]

With fresh forces in our marketing team we started the year with a systemic and design restructuring of the QQinfo.ro website.

We expanded the reporting capabilities in project, commercial and technical portfolio project management.

We have expanded our sales team and have strengthened our technical team.

[expand title=”2014 – Team Building” rel=”istoric-highlander” tag=”h4″]

We delivered Tarom QQpl4SAP, a flexible and versatile application, able to provide companies using SAP ERP (Fi&Co) a synthetic and detailed, flexible and easily configurable P&L perspective.

We successfully completed the first implementation of QQcrm™ in IT.

We developed and implemented the QQvendor reporting™ application, which simplifies and automates the suppliers reporting processes (multi-format and multi-timing) for sales and inventories.

We extended the addressed industries portfolio, by starting our collaboration with Jean Cristoff Romania, the leader in maintenance services and construction-assembly for the oil industry.

QQacademy reached its XVth edition.

Our turnover increased by 38%.

QQinfo participated as sponsor, along with the Center for Complexity Studies, at the 25th edition of the Atlantykron 2014 Summer Academy.

We secured the support of our partners who ensured the commercial success and implementing QlikView™ within the Romanian Naval Authority.

The fourth generation of QQcashflow™ offers now a mature solution that covers an extensive set of capabilities and modeling. These include automated predictions of VAT or of the integrative treasury management with multiple test cases (deposits, credit lines, collateral or credit guarantee letters, etc.), allowing a holistic view of all future cash flows (cash or not).
[expand title=”2013 – Know-how development” rel=”istoric-highlander” tag=”h4″]

The structural changes in the QlikView™ distribution channels for Romania helped us to focus more on the specific know-how development.

We developed the first version of the QQcashflow opti™ algorithm, a natural extension of QQcashflow™.

We started to develop a first version of the integrated platform QQcrm™.

We started collaboration with Tarom, after winning the auction organized for mutli-perspective analysis.

We started collaboration with Altex through a BI project for sales analysis and proposals for product relocation.
[expand title=”2012 – A new increase of 100%” rel=”istoric-highlander” tag=”h4″]

Following the settlement for funding, The Border Police expanded its QlikView™ pilot project started a few years before.

DB Schenker Romtrans’ projects strengthen our capabilities in the transport sector.

RIO Bucovina fully harnessed our abilities of monitoring achieved versus planned sales, and also those of correlating stocks to sales.

Our turnover and number of projects nearly doubled (96% YoY growth).

We started the strategic collaboration with the Center for Complex Studies (UNESCO Center). The first steps in predictive analysis.
[expand title=”2011 – Anniversary QQacademy X” rel=”istoric-highlander” tag=”h4″]

QQacademy reached its tenth edition, with a number of over 150 trainees since its debut in 2006.

Moreover, we delivered for the first time a QQacademy training package for the international environment, within the Orange group.

A first contact in the manufacturing segment, that will extend later, during the year: Dunapack Rambox Packaging.

Debut in the media and banking industry, with prestigious clients, PROTV and Raiffeisen Bank.

It’s developed the second generation of the QQcashflow™ application, that allows financial directorates / treasuries to build regularly, and with minimal effort, cash flow projections and thus identify early risks and funding opportunities.
[expand title=”2010 – A new stage” rel=”istoric-highlander” tag=”h4″]

We attended the Agora business solutions Conference.

Our partner network expands.

Rompetrol expands its QlikView™ use outside central treasury.

The website QQinfo.ro received a new design.

We expanded our service capabilities in the treasury-financial area with the QQbanking™ application (the first client: Țiriac Holding).

We signed our first contract to supply OlikView™ services and licences based on European financing.

We extended our impact in FMCG (Interbrands and Strauss).
[expand title=”2009 – Further development” rel=”istoric-highlander” tag=”h4″]

We launched at Qonnections Barcelona a new tool for our QlikView™ users, QQversioner.

We organized at The National Museum of Contemporary Art Qonnections 2009, the first conference for the QlikView™ users in Romania. With this occasion we officially launched QlikView™ 9 in Romania.

We participated at IDC BI Roadshow.

Our trading results increased by over 30%.

We developed the macroEQ™ application.

Our firm grew although Romania’s economy was in crisis.

[expand title=”2008 – Consolidation” rel=”istoric-highlander” tag=”h4″]

We participated at the Agora Technology Conferences – BI and Data Mining.

We launched QQtools in Miami at Qonnections 2008, focusing on QQHelper.

We signed the Master Reseller QlikView™ for Romania.

We participated as an exhibitor at CERF 2008.

We successfully participated again at IDC BI Roadshow.

We implemented a first commercial pilot project at the Border Police, followed by another pilot project at the Romanian Police, in collaboration with the Analysis Direction.

We analyzed for the Circulation Department, all the road accidents with injuries from Romania.
[expand title=”2007 – Growth of over 100%” rel=”istoric-highlander” tag=”h4″]

We expanded the number of partners that promote QlikView™ in Romania.

The team grew and we moved to the City Center (near the Opera).

We successfully participated again at IDC BI Roadshow.

Debut in FMGC (Vel Pitar).
[expand title=”2006 – Objectives met” rel=”istoric-highlander” tag=”h4″]

In 2006, the first year of full operation, we recorded a turnover of about 150.000 EUR.

The technical team grew and we moved to a business center in north of the city.

We became the only Romanian partner authorized to sign contracts with QlikView™ distribution partners and signed with the first two such partners.

We sold and implemented in Romania the first QlikView™ Server solution and the first QlikView™ solution on x64 technology.

We successfully participated at IDC Business Intelligence Road Show partner and received a significant feedback.

QQinfo’s first appearance with QlikView™ solutions in specialty magazine: Net Report.

The first QQacademy™ edition and the first generation of graduates.

[expand title=”2005 – The beginning” rel=”istoric-highlander” tag=”h4″]
Q&Q Info Consult was established and started operations in Business Intelligence in 2005.

Our first customers, Ultra Pro Computers, signed and received our services in the fall of 2005.

With great joy we signed the first licensing contract with a state owned company: Hidroelectrica.

The first official participation of QQinfo at a public event was during Biz Days in November.

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