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Q&Q Info Consult is a business software solutions implementer that refreshes the market with a user-friendly interface – QlikView. Namely, the platform collects data from various databases  and extracts from them a wide range of functionalities. In other words, the goal is to optimize operations regardless of company’s size.

At QQinfo we maintain verticality through the value of a well done job, through the power of truth, and not least through the love of technology, that we consider a real catalyst for increasing business efficiency.” – Cotiso Hanganu 

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Reading a bunch of dynamically changing XML files and identifying the changes

We have faced recently a project where we were supposed to read a stream of daily XML files and concatenate them into a long-term reporting app.

The challenge: even though Qlik has a pretty cool XML importing wizard, this is ok only if you know that your relational structure translation is not changing (which was not our case). (Read more here)

We proudly support Romanian thinking!We proudly support Romanian thinking!Help The Center for Complexity Studies!

The Center for Complexity Studies is the first think-tank in complexity from Romania. Founded in 1996, the Center for Complexity Studies operates since 2002 as a UNESCO center. Through research and education programs in the science of complexity, CSC aims to develop human performance, quality of life and the implementation of the Knowledge Society. CSC’s mission is to be a bridge that connects academia and the private sector in order to stimulate innovative entrepreneurship. (read more here)